Friday, July 5, 2019

Five Minute Food Art Friday-Apple Cars

Apple Cars! A quick and easy food art project for today-one of my favorites! These easy apple cars could be used with any story involving cars or transportation (Apple trains? Apple airplanes? So many options). The story I chose is "Let's Go For a Drive" by Mo Willems. I love the Elephant and Piggie books mostly because I love the back and forth conversations between Elephant and Piggie. This book is especially fun because it follows a pattern that children will recognize quickly, and has such quotable phrases as "drive, drive, drivey, drive, drive".
Apple cars are easy and fun. Simply cut an apple into slices for your child. You should be able to get six cars from each apple. Yes, that's my favorite well loved cutting board-just keeping it real!

 Two from each long side, one from each short side. The smaller pieces can be eaten, or used to decorate the cars.
Turn the apple slices on their side and poke two toothpicks in to serve as axles. Tip apple slices back up and push the toothpicks through the rest of the slice and out the other side. Put grapes, marshmallows or cereal pieces onto the toothpicks to be the cars wheels

Cars can be further decorated with the extra pieces of apple,  fruit snacks, fruit roll-ups, candy pieces etc... or can just be kept simple. Cut up fruit snacks will stick to the apple skin without using anything else, which is fun.

These cars with the gummy bear drivers are my favorite! Now you can take your cars on a "drive, drive, drivey, drive, drive"!

Want to see it done? Check out our video here...

Tips and tricks-
*Cutting the apple into slices is a grown up's job!
* Depending on the age of your child, most children can poke the toothpicks through. This is easier if the apple slices are turned on their sides first. and the toothpick is pushed through towards the table.  As with all sharp objects, supervise the use of toothpicks, but encourage your child to do as much of the work  as possible-they may surprise you!
*Always remember-
You are making memories, not masterpieces!!

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