Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Midweek Moments-Watermelon Piggies

To me, nothing says summertime like WATERMELON! During the summer you can always find at least part of a watermelon in my refrigerator. I have so many stories that I love that have pigs in them (the Elephant and Piggie books from the last post for instance), but the story I want to use today is Ribbit by Rodrigo Folgueira. This book is about a little pig who wants to make friends with a pond full of frogs so he "Ribbits" at them. The frogs don't know what to think, so they aren't nice to their new friend. This cute little story is about friendship and more.

Today's snack is watermelon pigs (or watermelon pigsicles if you choose). Start with a slice of watermelon about and inch to an inch and a half thick. Cut a circle out of watermelon-a cup works great to cut your circle. Cut a smaller circle for the pigs nose.

 If you want to make a pigsicle the nose needs to be hooked on with a toothpick. Cut a rectangle of watermelon, and use it to cut two triangles of watermelon. Watermelon can be easily cut by children with a table knife. This is a great opportunity to practice small motor skills.

 If you're making a pigsicle, hook the triangles on to make ears. If you're just leaving it on a plate, no need to hook the ears or nose on. If you want it to be a pigsicle, insert a large popsicle stick into the bottom of the watermelon pig.

Chocolate chips make great eyes and nostrils, but you could use any small candies. Super easy and quick, fun for a summer day!

Want to see it done? Check out our video here....

Tips and tricks-
*Cut the rind off of the watermelon first to make sure your child doesn't get rind in their pig.
*As always remember-
                  You are making memories, not masterpieces!

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