Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Midweek Moments-Dinosaur Waffles

"How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?" such a fun back to school book! The dinosaurs show kids the right and the wrong way to act when they go back to school. This fun book needs a fun, easy snack! Dinosaur waffles are just the thing. 

For each dinosaur you need:
-2 toaster waffles (or homemade waffles if you would rather)
-chocolate chips, candy eyes, or M&Ms
-strawberry slices, mandarin orange segments, banana slices etc...
-CLEAN kitchen shears (no really!!)

Start by toasting the waffles. Toaster waffles are hard to cut with a knife, but can easily be cut with CLEAN kitchen shears. If your child is younger-cut the waffles into shapes for them and let them use the shapes to create their dinosaur. If your child is older, supervise them while they cut the waffles into shapes.

Start by cutting the waffles in half to make 4 half circles. Cut two of the half circles into triangles, rectangles, etc... Leave one half circle intact, and cut the last one into two bigger triangles to make a tail and a head/neck.

Using the intact half circle as a body, have your child assemble a dinosaur. This can be done in a number of ways. Decorate using fruit slices or other waffle pieces to make eyes, spikes, horns, etc... I've included a few examples, but let your child use their imagination to create their own way.

Eat! This is a fun breakfast, or after school snack! Can be served with syrup, other toppings, or left plain.

Tips and tricks:
*Having some of the prep done (strawberries and waffles cut) will make this art quick and easy!
*When cutting shapes, keeping them "general" will allow your child to be more creative.
*Don't like waffles? These could be made with pancakes too!!
*This same idea could be used to create animals or things! Waffle elephants?? Sure!
*As always remember-
                  You are making memories, not masterpieces!

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